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Canadian Group Benefits

Here at R.Hooper Benefits we are an independent fully licensed benefits provider composed of employees with extensive experience in the group benefits field. We offer personalized services that are customized to the specific needs of our clients with a focus on the fiduciary responsibilities of plan sponsors. Our services consist of the following:

Plan Design and Consulting
  • Develop "flexible" approaches to the delivery of benefits such as Flex Credits and Health Care Spending Accounts
  • Conduct plan audits of current plan design and recommend amendments
  • Provide advice on new developments in the field of employee benefits

Consultation on plan structures including:

Life Insurance

Critical Illness
  • This plan provides a one-time benefit payment to an insured employee, spouse or dependent child, if diagnosed with a specified critical illness. It provides additional financial resources that an insured can use to pay for unforeseen expenses and adjust to changes in lifestyle resulting from a critical illness
Income Replacement
  • Short Term and Long Term Managed Disability (Fully Insured or Administrative Service Only - ASO)
  • Wage Continuation Plans
  • Occupational Accident Programs

Health Care and Dental Care
  • Insured Plan Designs and Management
  • Benefit Analysis and Risk Management
  • Administrative Services Only (ASO) Contracts
  • Retention / Refund Accounting Arrangements
  • Flexible Benefit Plans
  • Healthcare Spending Accounts
  • Managed Drug Plans
  • OHIP (Provincial Health) Insurance Replacement for Foreign Workers or Employees on Assignment in Canada.

OHIP Replacement

Employee Assistance Programs
  • Provide employers with "direct" access to all national providers of this important benefit in terms of employee health and wellness. EAP's represent a proven, cost-effective solution to many problems that employers face today.  Implementing an EAP demonstrates a commitment from an organization to its employees.  Everyone benefits from identifying, solving and preventing personal problems, pressures and stress before they impact on personal, professional or organizational performance.


International Benefits

Renewal Consulting
  • Negotiate renewal rate or expense charges on behalf of the client
  • Review IBNR claims reserves, disabled life claim reserves and waiver of premium reserves
  • Provide quarterly experience reports
  • Provide a detailed annual renewal report

Plan Marketing
  • Prepare detailed plan specifications in an RFP format and forward to insurers
  • Review all proposals and prepare benefit cost comparisons
  • Secure the most appropriate financial arrangements from the competetive market place

New Plan Installations
  • Review all required contracts with the client and the insurer
  • Review all administrative procedures with the client and the insurer
  • Arrange employee communications and presentations if necessary
  • Review client expectations

Customer Service
  • Represent the interests of the client and the employee in claim disputes
  • Provide direction to the client with regard to billing, claims, enrolment/termination and general administration
  • Provide toll-free access to our Account Managers for administration and management personnel
  • Respond to all email enquiries within 24 hours

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